Dave  Reynik

Dave Reynik

President / Retirement Educator

Dave Reynik, 30 year veteran to the financial services industry, Retirement Educator and President of The Wealth Solutions Group, Inc., can be described as someone who’s passionate about what he does. Dave continually attends educational symposiums keeping both he & his clients with up to date topics that are relevant to the subject of planning for retirement.

Providing Complimentary Retirement Planning Webinars, Video Conferences & Workshops. As a give back to the community Dave provides for free retirement planning webinars, video conferences & workshops with a mission to end nancial illiteracy one person at a time.

By Having a 2nd Opinion Review, It Removes Uncertainties, Provides Solutions & Offers Peace of Mind. Could $3,000, $5,000, $7,000 or up to $10,000+ in retirement income per month provide to you the nancial stability you envisioned while being retired? By attending one of our next educational events’ you’ll learn how Dave can take many of the risks associated with planning for one’s retirement and simplify it into an easy format that anyone can understand. At the end of each educational event, Dave welcomes the opportunity to share his knowledge, time & expertise at no cost, or obligation to you. In return, you can determine if you’d like Dave to successfully help you with your retirement goals.

Dave & His Wife Carey, Have been married 20+ years, have two lovely daughters in college and their dog Sammy. Dave enjoys shing, traveling & doing memorable things with his family. Prior to becoming a Retirement Planner, Dave was President of his own Mortgage banking Firm for 20+ years which later merged with an FDIC bank. Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Economics & Finance from Ramapo University, in New Jersey.